Mark Madigan CEO

​Mark is a seasoned optical industry executive with deep experience in the thin film manufacturing industry. He led executive management and business development teams at JDSU, Sonoma Photonics and OCLI (Optical Coating Laboratory, Inc.) before founding MAC Thin Films in 2014. Mark's goal for MAC Thin Films is to build upon a successful long-term track record of collaborative innovation with key customers to deliver solutions with differentiated value to customers around the world.


Matt Mazzuchi, VP of Business Development

Matt brings over 35 years of optical industry and thin film coating experience to MAC Thin Films.  He has led Global Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Applications Engineering teams in the commercialization of new technologies as well as market expansion for existing optical and thin film coating products.  Matt’s goal is to develop and grow long term sustainable business for MAC Thin Films with key strategic customers around the world.


Jason Pavlos, Product Line Manager

​​Jason has been in the optical thin films industry for over 20 years. Through his career he has held multiple manufacturing roles as well as leadership roles as a Production Supervisor and Manufacturing Manager with OCLI, JDSU, and most recently as Product Line Manager for MAC Thin Films Inc. His knowledge and experience in these areas qualifies him to identify customer needs and meet specific performance expectations. Jason’s goal is to combine his knowledge and experience in this industry to deliver the best products and service possible.


Gabe Smith, Director of Operations

Gabe has worked in manufacturing for 20+ years in the semiconductor and medical device industries.  From experience as a small business owner, managing large organizations, and successfully ramping a startup company, his skills in teambuilding have consistently brought together diverse groups of talented people.  With this knowledge, Gabe works to build and maintain a foundation of motivated individuals who focus on bringing industry-leading quality and service to our customers.


Dave McLean, Engineering Manager

Dave is an innovative technical leader focused on delivering high value products to our Customers and ensuring that MAC Thin Film’s manufacturing processes continue to implement foundational new technologies.  He has 15 years of experience in the thin film coating industry with roles in project management, manufacturing, quality and R&D.  Dave and his team collaboratively work with our business partners to deliver effective, manufacturable product solutions that maximize our mutual success.


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