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MAC Thin Films is a world leader of vacuum deposited thin film coatings designed for applications that require precision anti-reflective properties, conductive anti-reflection features and high reflecting front surface mirror characteristics. Using a variety of rare and unique materials, including magnesium fluoride, MAC Thin Films is able to deliver superior performing products from both the in-line (MAC) platform as well as its batch manufacturing systems.

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Photonics Spectra Conference

January 19, 2021

MAC Thin Films, Inc., global leaders in transparent, conductive, and front surface mirror coatings, are pleased to announce their sponsorship for the presentation "LiDAR: Trends... Read More

2020 Society of Information Display Best Paper Award

January 13, 2021

Please join us in congratulating our colleague David McLean for receiving the Society of Information Display Best Paper award from the 27th Annual Symposium on... Read More

Extended-Wavelength Conductive Coating

July 30, 2020

Introducing FrostFree™, a ground-breaking, highly-durable, conductive coating with unsurpassed transmittance into the near infrared (NIR) for LiDAR window defrosting/defogging.  To learn more about the FrostFree™... Read More

Reflection Properties of AR Coated Flat and AG Glass Surfaces

July 30, 2020

MAC Thin Films has developed a comprehensive AR coating design, including an oleophobic optical layer, that provides minimal color saturation and consistent color over a... Read More