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Precision thin-film coatings for flat glass are used in applications around the globe

SANTA ROSA, CALIFORNIA—October 31, 2014—MAC Thin Films, Inc. announced today it has commenced operations. Mark Madigan, former marketing and product management executive at JDS Uniphase Corporation, serves as CEO of the new organization. The MAC Thin Films organization includes seasoned engineering, manufacturing, and customer support teams to ensure continuous operations and support for customer delivery schedules. Funding for the new organization is being supplied by private international investors and strategic customers.

MAC Thin Films is headquartered in Santa Rosa, California where the centerpiece of the new business—the Multi-layer Automatic Coater (MAC) system—has been in operation since it was designed and built in 1970 to provide anti-reflective and front-surface mirror coatings supporting applications in a wide range of markets including custom displays.The MAC was previously owned and operated by JDSU. Technical support services will be contracted from JDSU for an initial 6-month period to support an orderly transition.

Mark Madigan, MAC Thin Films CEO, noted, “The MAC has a long history, a unique capability and a world-class reputation. It was the first high-performance, multi-layer continuous optical coating system of its kind. Its products are in use around the globe today, demonstrating that a fundamental technology can support innovation diffusion over time across many market segments and application areas. Our new company ensures customers will continue to have a strong source of supply. In addition, our team brings a renewed focus on leveraging the platform’s capability a commitment to serving customers’ unique applications and helping them develop new designs quickly.”

Stone Pan, president of Atlas Optical Co., Ltd., stated, “We are proud to serve as an investor, because the technology of MAC Thin Films fits well with our long-term strategy. Our ongoing collaboration with MAC Thin Films will help us maintain our pace in bringing new products into the market on time and at competitive price points. It will also help us move into new markets with a strong technological advantage.”

MAC Thin Films products are used in the direct-view display, office automation, projection display, and automotive markets. Emerging applications include automotive cockpit screens and avionics equipment for defense, aerospace and other commercial applications. The MAC coating machine is capable of supporting many glass sheet sizes. Coating solutions are optimized for specific applications to provide uniform anti-reflection performance over a broad range of wavelengths and help maximize energy throughput.

About MAC Thin Films, Inc.
MAC Thin Films, Inc. is a leading provider of multi-layer coatings for anti-reflection products and front-surface mirrors. MAC Thin Films supports OEMs and VARs around the world that deliver products for consumer, industrial, and defense markets. Learn more at

About Atlas Optical Co., Ltd.
Atlas Optical manufactures front surface mirrors, optical lenses, low pass filters, optical glass, DVD optical components, display products, and a range of prism products. The company has two factories in China and employs approximately 200 people. Annual revenues are approximately $15 million USD. Learn more about Atlas Optical at

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