SID Vehicle Displays and Interfaces 2020

Mark Madigan
MAC Thin Films, Inc.

MAC Thin Films, Inc. Exhibits at SID Vehicle Displays and Interfaces 2020

Burton Manor Conference Center, in Livonia, MI, September 29-30th, 2020

Santa Rosa, CA: MAC Thin Films, Inc. will be exhibiting at SID Vehicle Displays and Interfaces 2020 and will be showcasing their:

    • FrostFree™ Conductive Coatings with High Optical Transparency in the NIR wavelength spectrum, especially suitable for use in LiDAR applications.
    • Enhanced HD PrintFree® product line with outstanding Anti-Smudge Performance, Unsurpassed Durability, and Low Reflected Brightness. Perfect for Automotive, Avionic, Marine, Defense, Industrial, Medical and Consumer Applications.
    • Custom Display Conductive Solutions with High Optical Transparency, Low Specular Reflection, and Precise Electrical Resistivity that are Thermally Uniform and Stable with a Wide Range of Sheet Resistance.

    MAC Thin Films is a world leader of vacuum deposited thin film coatings on glass designed for applications that require precision anti-reflective properties, conductive anti-reflection features and high reflecting front surface mirror characteristics.

Amethyst Radcliffe
Amethyst Radcliffe