SID 2023

Mark Madigan
MAC Thin Films, Inc.

MAC Thin Films, Inc. Exhibits at Display Week 2023, May 23 - 25, 2023 

Santa Rosa, CA: MAC Thin Films, Inc. will be exhibiting at Display Week 2023 and will be showcasing their:

  • FrostFree™ Conductive Coatings with High Optical Transparency in the NIR wavelength spectrum, especially suitable for use in LiDAR applications.
  • Enhanced HD PrintFree® product line with outstanding Anti-Smudge Performance, Unsurpassed Durability, and Low Reflected Brightness. Perfect for Automotive, Avionic, Marine, Defense, Industrial, Medical and Consumer Applications.
  • IR Blocker 40™ product for Digital Information Displays offering excellent sunlight readability and passive thermal management for Outdoor Kiosks, Menu Boards, and Point of Sale Displays.
  • Custom Display Conductive Solutions with High Optical Transparency, Low Specular Reflection, and Precise Electrical Resistivity that are Thermally Uniform and Stable with a Wide Range of Sheet Resistance.

MAC Thin Films is a world leader of vacuum deposited thin film coatings on glass designed for applications that require precision anti-reflective properties, conductive anti-reflection features and high reflecting front surface mirror characteristics.

Mark Madigan
Mark Madigan